Skylight AR101.15 telescope

The Skylight AR101.15 is no longer available, this page remains as a historical link.

The Skylight AR101/15: One of “the best of the best in 2013” / Astronomy magazine September 2013 

“A Classic Telescope with Cutting Edge Optics” / Astronomy Now October 2013

“As unique as the stars it’s designed to observe” / The Wall Street Journal USA


 Skylight AR101.15/White-brass

The Skylight Differences:

All Skylight optical tubes are hand made made in London, England
A sucessful fusion of Victorian design & modern engineering
Design lines are clean, minimalist & elegant with a consistent eye towards Victorian inspirations
All Skylight Refractors are hand-signed & numbered
An exceptional refracting telescope for studying the heavens, but also an award-winning Objet d’art

The Skylight refractor is that rare thing; A scientific tool built with beauty & elegance.  Built to take your breath away during daylight hours and at night let you explore the wonder of the heavens.  Inspect surface craters, enormous mountains & valleys and great rifts on the Moon’s surface.  Watch Jupiter’s 4 biggest moons orbit the planet and re-position themselves from night to night, also inspect the great red spot & other details on Jupiter (a constantly changing maelstrom of belts & storms).  See the phases of Venus as it orbits the sun and watch as Mars orbits near us once every two years and presents its’ changing surface (and contemplate that there are machines on that surface currently wandering around under control of people here on Earth).  The rings of Saturn are breathtaking & truly inspiring to anyone and look more real than you can imagine through a Skylight.

The objective lens for the Skylight AR101/15 is designed & supplied by TeleVue of New York, USA.  Each 101mm/1500mm objective is individually inspected by TeleVue, once approved, they are shipped to me in London where I design and make the telescope tube.

The Skylight AR101.15 is a truly unique way to enjoy the skies with a very special telescope; one that is not only a high specification scientific instrument, but also an elegant work of art.

Are you ready to discuss yours?


The Skylight AR101.15: £2250 GBP & complete with the following accessories:

  • Bespoke finder brackets
  • Bespoke tube rings & mounting bar
  • 40mm bespoke brass finderscope
  • Handmade collimateable countercell with 3 push/pull alignment screws
  • Handmade tailpiece/focuser holder
  • Starlight Instruments Feathertouch 2535 focuser supplied as standard
  • Hand signed & numbered
  • Hand rolled, solid brass dew shield, polished & lacquered
  • Supplied in various colours (see below)
  • Trademark Skylight Design lines: clean, minimalist & elegant
  • brass counterbalance weight system
  • brass grab rail
  • 8 kg in weight.

Other options can be discussed depending on client’s wishes.

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The Skylight AR101.15 is available in brass (click here for full details & pricing) and complete with handmade oak tripod & mounting.

DSC_1794 copy

The Skylight AR101.15 Convertible Concept is also available to order at additional cost.  This design splits the tube into 3 sections to allow convenient transportation to a dark site.  See more details here: Skylight Custom Design


The Skylight AR101.15 is available in 4 colours:

Gloss or Satin BlackMatt-black-2 Candy Apple Red:Red-1

Satin White/brass:White-1 Satin white/black:White-black1


Other options are available to make your Skylight AR101.15 as complete as possible including:

Carry handle:


Wooden storage/display box (handmade from Marine grade hardwood plywood):


Weights shown are approximate as accessories & any modifications can affect this.

GB: 0771 889 7774

Outside GB: 0044 771 889 7774