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Feeling inspired?  Would you like something that’s a little extra special?

Do you have a telescope objective lens that you feel deserves a home that’s little more special…or luxurious?

Skylight Custom Design is a custom build service to help you create the telescope of your dreams.  View the images on this website and see if inspiration strikes you! Each handmade Skylight refractor design will take styling cues from my Victorian inspirations, while incorporating your own thoughts & ideas where possible.  More importantly, each one will be completely unique.  Skylights can be fabricated up to 150mm (6 inches) in aperture and in focal ratio’s depending on the specification of the objective lens.

If you’re interested in commissioning a custom Skylight using either a lens you may already own or one to be discussed, please contact me.

Examples of Skylight Custom Design:

A Skylight 150/750 Widefield: With a name for making long refractors, this unusually short lens posed a challenge; How to make a large aperture, short focal ratio objective into a scope without making it look ‘awkward’ or ‘lumpy’. I’m particularly pleased with the result, which retains my Skylight style while accommodating a very modern objective lens.

Ransom-7 Ransom-3 Ransom-4 Ransom-5

Skylight 60mm/1000: With only two objective lenses left from this design I made several years ago, when I was approached to revisit it, I wanted to do more than that…I wanted to re-invent it!

DSC_0622-web DSC_0623-web DSC_0628-web

An iconic telescope all its’ own, this Vixen Custom 80 was in a tired state when it arrived. A complete redesign including oak legs to replace the aluminium originals was requested and it turned out beautifully.

IMGP0709-web Skylight-Vixen-rebuild

The Skylight AR101.15 Convertible Concept.  From the split-tube design & hardwood storage box to allow convenient transportation to a dark site, to the meteorite flakes adorning the brass name plate, this Skylight is truly unique:

DSC_0606-web  DSC_0599-web DSC_0604-web DSC_0603-web DSC_0621-web DSC_0608-web

The Skylight-Oakes refractor.  This magnificent telescope is built around the client’s own 6″/F12 D&G Optical objective lens:

DSC_0810-web 12819963292592-web promo-1-copy-web finish-1

Skylight 102mm/F7 FPL-53 triplet apochromat:

Triplet-1 Triplet-3 Triplet-5 Triplet-6

Skylight design incorporating the clients’ own LOMO 102/800 objective lens:

DSC_0048 DSC_0033

This Skylight 100mm/F10 refractor uses one of the finest achromatic lenses of the last 50 years: the Vixen 100mm/F10:


Vixen-1 Vixen-2 Vixen-3


‘Astronomical recycling’ of an antique lens in its’ brass cell.  This clients’ own antique objective went unused since the 1970’s until it was sent to me for ‘re-homing.’ Within days of arriving in its’ new home, it was seeing remarkable use as a solar imaging instrument:

lens Re-1 Re-2 White-light-1

An 80mm/F12 ‘short-run’ design utilizing new/old stock objectives from Kenko/Japan:

80mm-4 80mm-3 80mm-2

A Zeiss Telementor objective lens reborn into a new Skylight tube:


Skylight 6″/F15’s

I fabricated several Skylight 6″ (150mm)/F15 refractors in 2012. two of these were supplied with Fullerscopes Mark IV mountings:

Skylight-Oxley Skylight-6-21 Skylight-6-20 Skylight-6-9