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Skylight F15 #1: £1295

In 2009, I made the original Skylight F15.  This long refractor was celebrated on numerous levels, including a very positive review in the UK magazine Astronomy Now and provided considerable inspiration (not only for myself.)  It then spent some years in storage, until now.  This is number 1 (actually, 001) and it is currently being refurbished with a couple of gentle modifications and a new powder coat to remove some scratches.  Its’ objective lens is clean and clear and is of exceptional optical quality.  An original Baader Steeltrack focuser is fitted.  Other than perhaps the occasional custom instrument using client supplied optics, I have no further plans in place to make long refractors.  If you’d like to take advantage of this rare opportunity to acquire a long refractor of high quality, please contact me to secure this instrument.


Skylight/Zeiss all brass 70mm F7: £499

This one-off Skylight design is built around a Zeiss lens that is a work of art in itself.  With a beautiful, natural patina present, the lens cell begs to be displayed on it’s own and as such, the dew shield can be easily removed to expose it.  An antique focuser is present at the other end which has been modified to accept a modern diagonal.  The scope is solid brass, as is the zero power sight tube.  Optically, this objective was not designed as a telescope lens and does not provide perfect star test or wield double star splitting prowess, but it does present capable and interesting views of the Moon and planets as you would expect.  Ultimately it is also a superb terrestrial scope and conversation piece or simply a beautiful objet d’art / conversation piece.  The price here does not include the diagonal shown, eyepieces nor shipping.


Refurbished 100mm Skylight F15 / Coming soon:

This is the first Skylight.  Built in 2009, this is the actual scope that was reviewed in Astronomy Now magazine.  It has lain unused for some years and is now back in my hands, where it will be refurbished and once again offered for sale.  If you would like to express an interest in owning this classic 100mm/F15 refractor, please contact me asap.


Historically important, one-of-a-kind T. Cooke and Sons 4″/F18 Photo Visual triplet: £17,500

Museum quality 1890’s T. Cooke and Sons 4″/F18 PhotoVisual triplet. This museum piece is a rare example of this lens; widely considered to be the first apochromat. A solid brass tube on a Cooke EQ mount complete with H. Taylor weight driven clock drive, original connecting rod/Hooke’s joint & original iron pillar. The objective lens is clean and clear and is mounted via a Cooke bayonet mounting ring.  The equatorial mount features original brass & silver setting circles with fixed magnifying lenses on both axes.

This is a significant opportunity to obtain a historically important instrument.  More pictures available for serious inquiries only please.  Shipping is possible.



Cooke, Troughton and Simms Microscope

*coming soon


Skylight AR101.15 Anniversary Edition: $6500 AUS

This instrument is one of only 3 x AR101.15’s in all brass I built and is the first of my AR101.15’s that I have ever seen available on the 2nd hand market.  This rare opportunity is available in the Melbourne, Australia area.  Shipping is available at the buyers expense.  Please contact me for more information or seller details.

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