All Skylight optical tubes are hand made in London, England
A successful fusion of Victorian design & modern engineering
Design lines are clean, minimalist & elegant with a consistent eye towards Victorian inspirations
All Skylight Refractors are hand-signed & numbered
An exceptional refracting telescope for studying the heavens, but also a wonderful Objet d’art

Skylight Telescopes

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Skylight 102ED
Skylight AR101.15


In 2006, Skylight was envisioned as a place to buy antique, vintage, or generally interesting Astronomy gear.

Things changed considerably when I decided that the Victorian refractor was simply too beautiful an object to leave behind and I decided to address this.  In 2009, I designed and built the first Skylight Telescope; the Skylight F15.

Skylight premium optical tubes & tripods are handmade and assembled in Wimbledon, Southwest London.  They are a unique way of looking at telescopes.  Instead of simply owning the latest assembly of parts from the CNC mill, Skylight refractors reflect another time, where the craftsman had his hands on every part and the classic English refractors of T. Cooke and Sons of York/London are a constant inspiration and assist in keeping the balance between Victorian visual design & modern engineering in my Skylight designs.

DSC_0210    DSC_0206    DSC_0199

From the sexy colour depth of Candy Apple Red to the brilliance of polished brass, from existing designs like the compact & stunning Skylight 102/F7ED or the majestic and elegant Skylight AR101.15 to bespoke, one-off designs; there is a Skylight Telescope to fit your home.
8 years on, my ethos is unchanged and I continue to work to my goal of building beautiful telescopes.  I firmly believe that a telescope should be more than simply something to look through and the value of owning one of my Skylight designs is not limited to the experience gained when you look through it…it is present whenever your eyes gaze across it or your hands touch it.
Skylight is not a big unit shifter. It does not pretend to be, nor does it aspire to be. Every sale is a personal experience involving a unique instrument.

That is the Skylight difference.

 If you would like to discuss owning or ordering your own Skylight, have any questions, thoughts or feedback, please get in touch.

Thanks for reading,

Richard Day
GB: 0771 889 7774
Outside GB: 0044 771 889 7774

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