Skylight AR101.15 Anniversary

Thank you for a brilliant instrument.  I mounted the scope today, looks beautiful.

J. O Donnell (Australia) / Mar. 2015

Skylight 80mm/F12

Well, the snow stopped & through some breaks in the cloud I was able to get my first look through your ‘scope.
Despite the so-so seeing, I was very impressed with the view of Jupiter & a star test on Sirius was very good.  I am always surprised at the quality of view in a good ‘scope of modest aperture…

I am really impressed with it, both optically & it’s construction. It is a pleasure to use & I’ve had some of my best views of Jupiter with it in the short time I’ve had it.

J. Vernon (UK) Feb. 2015

Skylight 102ED

Hi Richard,

The look on my husband’s face when the telescope was revealed to him for his 50th birthday was priceless. He was over the moon. Literally!! You see it was a super moon night, the skies were clear and he got to use the 102 ED straightaway and we were blown away by the clean, sharp image.  It was perfect. He said he couldn’t stop looking at the telescope because it was a real work of art. The tripod is so beautifully made, stable and very elegant. From my perspective it’s not just an amazing piece of kit that exceeds expectations, it looks really nice in our home too. I am afraid the bulky Sky Watcher might be relegated to the shed! You pulled out all the stops to get it to me in time and only you and I know how fine we cut it and what you went through to make the surprise work. Thank you.

Best wishes

N. Oliver (London) / Oct. 2014


Skylight Custom design

Thanks Richard:

The two packages arrived today in perfect condition, I only opened the big one. I will mount everything as soon as I get to my observatory (next weekend).  I’m very pleased with the Skylight OTA.

P. Re (Portugal) / June 2014



Skylight 102ED

Hi Richard,

My scope arrived today and looks like it had a comfortable journey thanks to being well padded!

I must say how thrilled I am with how the scope looks, it really is beautiful – thank you so much for making it what it is! I’m really looking forward to a clear night so I can take it outside, although from the weather forecast that may not be anytime soon. With any luck I’ll be able to get enough natural light at the weekend to start taking some pictures 🙂

Best wishes, Duncan (Australia)


Skylight AR101.15

Morning Richard,

Just to let you know I’m very happy with the new Scope.

I actually put an eyepiece in the scope last night and spent around an hour doing some visual observing (haven’t done that in a while!). I used my 17mm Nagler type 4 and I was very impressed with the views although it wasn’t truly dark at the time (11.30 – 12.30). My favourite view was of Alberio which as I recall was the most memorable view using the old Skylight 101 you lent me as a beta tester. There was only a slight hint of false colour on Vega which is a hell of a tough test for any telescope. This consisted of a very slight hint of violet which is the sign of a well set up achromatic scope.

Moving the focus in and out showed perfectly concentric rings around Vega so congratulations on getting the collimation spot on!

All the best

J. Slinn / UK   June 2013


Skylight AR101.15

Well, I’ve spent a few nights with this scope and here are my impressions. Wow, wow, wow! Saturn is truly spectacular. Saturn at 190x was amazing. Cloud bands and Cassini division were sharp. Faint inner (e?) ring was obvious. Shadow of rings on the planet with tons of contrast. Five moons counted! I can’t recommend this highly enough. Richard of Skylight and Tele Vue have created a new future classic!

*From Cloudy Nights forum

A. Carcich, USA / April 2013


Skylight AR101.15

Hi Richard,

I set my new AR101/15 up on the Televue GIB5 mount at sunset to let it cool. I had some good seeing from 22:30 – 23:30 when I saw some stunning views of Saturn.  Either side of this the seeing was mediocre.  Looking at star images the collimation is spot on.  I was really surprised that the ca on Vega was not noticeably visible until I looked really hard for it.  In fact, I had to look at the image slightly inside focus to persuade myself that it was there.The tightest diffraction rings are intra-focal, extra-focal they are less well defined.  I am not sure what this is due to (maybe the lens design with wide air gap), but given I am looking at excellent images at focus I am happy.  I managed my best views of Saturn at 187x, which is the power I use routinely on my TV127 for Saturn.

I turned to deep sky as it darkened and the seeing broke down. M13 at 90x was lovely.  At 115x it was amazing, single stars right across the cluster popping in and out of view as the seeing changed.  I cannot remember such a lovely view in a telescope of this aperture before.  The ring nebula at the same magnification was a true ring but not of uniform brightness.  Contrast in this telescope is just about perfect.  I say just about because I have not seen anything better in 40+ years of observing! It is hard to believe that this is an achromat.

Please pass on my congratulations to Televue for producing such a remarkable achromat.  The tube balance weight worked a dream when switching from 31 Nagler through to 8 Ethos no shifting of the tube in the rings was required just a tweak of the balance weight.

I had forgotten what a delight it is to have such a wide latitude of focus. I didn’t try the binocular viewer last night but will try with my 24 and 19 Panoptics next opportunity and if the seeing is good my 10mm Delos pair.

This is one lovely telescope.

Best Wishes, I.  Ransom, UK / May 2013


Skylight F13

Dear Richard, I just picked up the telescope. It is very beautiful and of course big. The assembly was easy.

Thank you for the nice job.

R. Stadler / Switzerland  July 2012.

Skylight F13

My Skylight arrived safe and sound this morning….. absolutely beautiful!!  Love the finder brackets.
Will sent a few pics in the coming days. I had the scope out for a short session on Tuesday night and was most impressed.  Once again Wow!!
C. Patterson / Canada  July 2012.

Skylight F13 & 60mm F15m refractors


I received both Skylight telescopes today (2/28/12) the 60mm f/15 from you and the 100mm f/13 from OPT.  Both arrived in excellent condition.  I know you’ve heard this before but they sure are beautiful telescopes.

I did get some observation time in before the weather turned bad.  Jupiter was fabulous through the 100/f13.  I saw a nice shadow transit across the north equatorial belt (can be difficult to see in any scope under less than ideal seeing conditions due to the darkness of the NEB) and watched as a moon emerged from behind, all at about the same time; 1915 Mountain Time (0215 GMT).

D. Bledsoe / USA  April 19, 2012

Skylight F13

I had the Skylight out this morning — the first time since I used it to observe the stars in Orion for the ATT review — and I was stunned once again.  It’s the aesthetic quality of the view that really captures me.  It’s not just that the stars are pinpoint sharp, or dazzling, or rich in color.  All those things combine with a quality that is out of reach of words and result in a very unique, and for me, very enriching experience.  When I looked at Rasalgethi this morning, I literally sank down into my chair and just stared and kept staring.  I was very conscious that I was looking at something very unique, and I deliberately soaked up every single second of it.

I guess all I can say is that if Clark and Cooke turned out lenses of this quality, observational astronomy has lost something very essential and precious.  Thanks once again for putting this exquisite work of art together.  It literally is heads and tails over anything I’ve ever looked though before.

J. Nanson / USA  April 2012

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Skylight 60mm/F15m

Hi Richard.

It has arrived! Love it.  Quick look at Venus…….Superb!

Thanks very much. VERY proud to own this scope!

Best Wishes,

Steve N. (UK)  Jan. 2012

Skylight 60mm/F15m

Dear Richard,

Just to tell you that earlier this morning I was able to focus clearly on the moon (specifically Copernicus) at 274x (7mm Axiom + 2x Meade barlow), which is 116 powers per inch. I have to say that this must be the very limit of what is possible, floaters were a terrible problem (exit pupil of 0.22mm) and it soon moved out of focus as the moon moved across the field of view (I was using manual only). But it was possible.

213x (9mm TMB planetary + 2x barlow) was quite reasonable, good sharp focus and when the floaters were not bad (EP 0.28) one could see the lunar features very clearly. With a rock-solid mount (vibrations are a bit of a problem with my HEQ5) and a motor drive one could use this magnification quite easily. It is still a remarkable 90 powers per inch. A 5mm Radian (192x, 81 x/inch) should be perfectly usable.

I was also able to use my new Williams Optics binoviewers with the Skylight (not possible with Williams own small scopes!).

In short, a superb telescope.

P. Morris (London, UK)  Nov. 2012

Skylight 60mm/F15m

I received it in great shape today. What a beautiful little refractor!  Your workmanship is outstanding and the optics excellent.Thanks once more.
J. Bird (USA)  May 2011

Skylight F13

The last 3 to 4 months in Singapore have been terrible – constant squalls, thunderstorms and clouds. This relented last week and there were a few clear nights, but we’re back to clouds again. I was able to get a quick peek at Capella during a short break in the clouds this evening. I wasn’t able to check at higher powers, but the elements seem to be perfectly collimated and very high quality. I was surprised to find that I couldn’t detect any false colour at all in focus, and that I had to get very close to focus to see the longitudinal colour.As I had decided it was better to ask forgiveness than permission, my wife was pretty mad when she got home to see I had yet another new scope, and especially one so long. After she had calmed down, she said “It looks like it should be in a museum”. So, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head.One benefit I didn’t consider is that by having the lens over the edge of the balcony, I can see more of the sky near the zenith. Despite being on the top floor, my balcony has a rather annoying roof.I’m very much looking forward to observing with this scope.

S. Croy (Singapore)   May 2011

Kenko/Japan refractors

Telescopes arrived all right, thanks.  The telescopes are in good condition especially the 60mm is really a great collectors item.  Gladly buy from you again!!

F. Tarantino (Italy)  Sept. 14 2012

Skylight F15 refractor

After weeks of ridiculous delays and unlikely problems (weather, problems with mounts, wrong screws in mount, etc.) I finally managed to get my first peek through the F/15.  Happily, everything seems fine; the collimation still seemed virtually perfect, and there were no other obvious optical problems.  Even the finder scope was more or less aligned.

It’s very beautiful.  I’m delighted.  And what a pleasure to use!  In terms of sheer aesthetic experience, there is no beating a well-crafted long-focus refractor.  And the images seem very crisp and good (although the seeing wasn’t so hot for me to comment further there).

So I’m very happy.  Kudos to you for this project.

D. Wagschal (USA)


Broadhurst Clarkson 3″/F15 refractor & tripod

 Hi Richard,

The scope arrived today safe and sound. It’s beautiful and will soon be getting the attention it deserves.
Thanks for all of your care.

S. Louis (Australia)  Aug. 2010

Zeiss Assembi zoom binoculars

Good evening Richard,
I get the bino and now we try it on the moon, never see something like this quality in a bino something which surprised me!!!!!! this is too good and also like new. Thanks again for selling.
Ciao Giampiero / Italy   June 2010

4″ Unitron Model 152

I am very happy with the telescope and mount. I was amazed at the length of the tripod and the large stainless steel GEM. The GEM for my Sears 90mm is aluminium. This is “a real scientific instrument” indeed.
M. Kuba, USA / June 2010

Fullerscopes Mark IV mounting

Hi Richard,

The parts arrived yesterday.  I have never seen a so heavy pier, it must be made with lead !
Thank you (once again) for the wonderful packaging.

Louis (France) / June 2010

Skylight F15 refractor

Hello Richard,I have just seen the Moon and Saturn thru the F15. The atmospheric condition was less than perfect, and I observed from a “well” at home that I suppose produces poor seeing. However, the views were impressive.

This is only to tell you that I am happy with the scope. I will send you photographs and more comments in future mails.
Thanks a lot for your work,
JJ Villalobos (Mexico)  / June 2010

Vixen SP102 refractor & GP Mount

Hello Richard,
The telescope arrived this afternoon safe and sound. I am happy with the great care you took to bubble wrap every piece, as I have had lanterns and other fragile items severly broken by the Post office and other carriers. The scope looks like a piece of laboratory equipment with it’s sturdiness and attention to detail. It will take me a while to get fully aquainted with the operation of the unit,but I’m really looking forward to it.

Thanks again!

Nicholas M. / USA  March 2009

Zeiss (Jena) Telementor

Scope arrived and looks very nice. I’ll touch up the paint here and there. Lens looks to be very good, split Castor tonight with the 16mm eyepiece.

Very pleased and I thank you for the careful packaging.

Dave J. / USA  Feb. 2009

Celestron Celestar 8

Richard not only sells beautiful instruments from a time when hand-crafted meant that individuality, skill and passion went into their construction, but his notions of after care and customer satisfaction also come from a bygone era—and I mean that in a
wholly complimentary way. Richard not only loves the instruments he restores and sells (one often feels that they have to be wrestled out of his caring hands), but he’s always at pains to ensure that you will enjoy being the next custodian of a classic telescope that’s best suited to your needs.”

Ade Ashford UK / Jan 2009

Broadhurst Clarkson 4 draw spotting scope

Dear Richard,

Well, your Christmas good fortune and a tailwind must have come through for you as The Telescope arrived safely and soundly today. I must complement you on your superb packaging, it did its job well.

Had this sale occurred on eBay your feedback would have been: “Item Exceeded Expectations. Highly Recommend this 5* Seller as A1+”

A. Cameron, USA / Jan. 2009

Zeiss Telementor

I surely received Zeiss telementor last week. I’m sorry for the delay of the contact to you. This telementor didn’t certainly make me disappointed as you said. The state of this telementor is perfect. I wish to express my gratitude to you. I am not looking at the star with this telescope because it was very cloudy in the weather yet. If it becomes fine, I will see the star at once.

Thank you very much.

Your Regards,

J. Nakamura