Skylight brass telescopes

See the Universe in style from your own home; with a Skylight.

The Skylight-Elliott Editions:

After WWII, Ernie Elliott began working at Broadhurst Clarkson…one of England’s most prestigious telescope makers.  During the decades that followed, he learned the craft of telescope making from the generation before him…those who had sold their astronomical efforts alongside companies of such pedigree as T. Cooke & Sons & Grubb Parsons.

The Skylight-Elliott telescopes are unsold, vintage telescopes that were left in storage for several decades.  Skylight is very proud to finish and offer them for sale.  Each is very special and they are of a very limited number.  Please click here for more information and further images.

Elliot-2-FB 001


The Skylight Anniversary Editions:

The Skylight Anniversary Editions are made using all solid brass & aluminium components, highly polished then lacquered.  No parts from the Skylight workshop are plated, coated or painted in this design.  The elegant Skylight anniversary editions have been carefully created in the image of my award-winning designs and are complemented by the truly exceptional  Starlight Instruments Feathertouch focuser & (in the case of the Skylight 102ED) the Televue Starbeam finder.  Each telescope is painstakingly assembled and the natural wood, metal (and my work) is exposed and open to the users gaze.

DSC_1926-edit copy

The TeleVue Gibraltar 5 holds them aloft and is an ideal match…its’ classic design is in itself a nod to the simply visual fork mounts used by Victorian astronomers.  The equally elegant Skylight tripods are made of White Oak and are hand made in Southwest London by Richard Day, click here for further tripod details. They are supplied oiled for the protection of the wood and use the clients choice of a spreader plate or brass chain.  All Skylight tripods are made to the same high standards as Skylight refractors.

As with any bespoke luxury item, each piece is hand signed, numbered & dated.

The Skylight 102ED: No Longer Available

Skylight-102B-5 Skylight-102B-3 Skylight 102B-2 Skylight 102B-1 copy

Click here for technical details on the Skylight 102ED.

The Skylight AR101.15: No longer available

AR101-7-copy AR101-3-web AR101-5 copy AR101-4-web

Click here for technical details on the Skylight AR101.15.


The Skylight Lifestyle editions: A stunning scientific instrument to study the heavens.  A fine example of craftsman design. Objet d’art.

The Skylight Anniversary Editions; please contact me to discuss yours.


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 DSC_1825 copy