Candy Bars is an online slot machine.

What could be more satisfying than winning money from a slot machine based on your favorite candy? Then how about trying to acquire progressive jackpots by stuffing jars to the brim with candies? When you play the Candy Bars slot machine by International Game Technology, this is one of the delectable sweets you may win when you hit the jackpot. This slot machine with four reels and fifty paylines may be played on desktop PCs, Android and Apple mobile smartphones, and other mobile devices starting at only $0.75 per spin.

If you’re playing a slot machine game that’s based on sweets, you probably already know what to expect: the reels are going to be packed with brilliant and vivid symbols that will make your mouth wet simply by looking at them. Some of the payouts are rather enticing as well, with the potential to win up to 25,000 times the line investment, which is equal to 1,875.00 when playing at the highest possible bet level.

The Candy Bars online slot game has several odd aspects, one of which being the fact that it has four reels. It has wild multiplier symbols, stacked symbols that make it simpler to collect wins, and extraordinary Blackout Wins that blanket the whole of the game with only one sort of symbol.

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Controls for the Candy Bars Slots and the Game Setup

You play with 75 coins every spin, despite the fact that this is a game with 50 paylines. The only thing left to do is pick how much each coin is worth, which may range anywhere from 0.01-0.10, and then you’ll be ready to go. The comparatively low maximum wager that can be placed on each spin of Candy Bars, which is just $7.50, may discourage high rollers from playing the game because of its intended target audience of low-stakes gamblers. In just a moment, we’ll investigate a game that provides enhanced betting opportunities.

Because there is no need to choose how many paylines to activate because all 50 are always active, the only other choice that you need to make is which device to play on because this slot is entirely compatible with mobile devices.

You might also check out the paytable, which can be accessible by clicking the button in the top-right corner of the game. You’ll also learn how the wild multipliers, Blackout Wins, and progressive jackpots operate, as well as which symbols are worth the most when they appear on 3, 4, or all of the reels along a payline, starting from the left.

How to Play the Candy Bars Game and Its Bonus Features

The reels are surrounded by candy canes with red and white stripes, and behind the candy canes are a variety of multicolored lollipops. It is drawn in a cartoon-like manner that is colorful and humorous, and it looks delicious enough to eat.

Even the control buttons have been given a periwinkle hue, which helps them blend in seamlessly with the overall design concept and aesthetic. This is a very ingenious touch. The candies with smaller payouts have been given a cartoon makeover by having humorous faces drawn on them. You will find yourself chuckling to yourself as you collect the frequent payments that are anticipated to come from these characters.

Sevens in blue and red are more traditional symbols for fruit machines, and you may earn rewards even when combos of the two colors fall across a payline. You will be able to celebrate a Blackout Win if any of these symbols cover all four reels and all four rows at the same time. This will result in 25,000 coins being paid out for the red Seven appearing in all positions.

There are two perspectives that one might take on wild replacements. It is possible to superimpose the sweet symbols over a picture of a delectable-looking bar of chocolate, which will transform the sweet symbols into wild symbols. However, they will only function as the other sweets and not as the Sevens. The middle reels are also eligible to get a ‘2X’ wild symbol, which may help complete winning lines and increase their value by a factor of two. If each of the middle reels had a wild multiplier that was two times as large, the win would be multiplied by four.

In each play, there is the possibility of winning a progressive jackpot, which will give you a thrill. If reel 2 is completely filled with a huge chocolate bar, you will be awarded the Snack-Size progressive jackpot. However, if reels 2 and 3 are both completely filled at the same time, you will be awarded the King-Size prize. To win the Giant Size progressive, you will need to land a super-sized block of chocolate on reels 2, 3, and 4 all at the same time.

If you want to know what the current jackpot levels are, you can check the display that is located above the reels at any moment. You can also watch the jackpots rise in size as a tiny percentage of all bets placed on the game are set aside until they are won by fortunate players. It is my sincere hope that it will be you.

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